Wills and Succession

We develop tailored succession plans to enable our clients to accommodate generational change as well as other changes in the family structure, whether or not anticipated.

These strategies include wills and testamentary trusts, as well as holding assets in family trusts which will continue in operation after the testator’s death.

Our work in this area is directed towards ensuring that our client’s assets, after death, will benefit their intended spouses or partners and family members, and not be susceptible to claims by disgruntled ex-spouses or trustees in bankruptcy.

In the case of second marriages with co-mingled families, we assist our clients to ensure that all parties, including the children of the respective spouses, are fairly provided for in the event of the death of one or both spouses.

We act on behalf of executors in applying for and obtaining probate and administering deceased estates.

We also act for executors seeking to defend opposition to probate, or to defend testators’ family maintenance applications, as well as acting in other matters for beneficiaries on the other side of such disputes.