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There has been a boom in franchising over the last two decades as a result of families wishing to own their own business and entrepreneurs seeking to roll out their business concept faster and with lower upfront capital requirements.

We advise franchisors on the setting up of effective franchising arrangements to ensure that their brand and intellectual property are protected, and that their business concept is appropriately implemented by franchisees.

We advise prospective franchisees who are considering or entering into franchising arrangements, including providing appropriate strategies to manage risk and minimise tax.

We also advise clients seeking to terminate unsatisfactory franchising relationships.

Our work in this area has included:

  • designing and developing the franchising system for what was originally a bank servicing the rural community. This franchising system has allowed the organisation to grow and service many metropolitan and semi-rural communities;
  • acting for over 200 franchisees (collectively) in the supermarket industry to negotiate changes to their contractual arrangements with the franchisor;
  • negotiations with a European franchisor for the distribution rights for swimming pool products in Australia;
  • developing the franchising structure for the roll-out a mortgage broking franchise throughout the Eastern Seaboard States.

We also perform a broad range of advisory work for a number of significant motor vehicle franchises.